I got my lobe pierced (gunned on a pharmacie (drug store? the place when you go get prescription medicine), as sterile as it gets - everything but the gun was disposable, the guy wore latex gloves, it looked fine.

This was in March. So a couple weeks ago I thought hey why not put a snug little ring in there? It has been 6 months, it healed fine.
So there I go, the happiest little daisy flower, get into this piercing shop and buy myself a small surgical steel CBR (which I came to realize that I HATE!). I go home, take it off the package, take 20 minutes to open it (until i saw a video tutorial) and get it on.

It was a little too snug - i had to force it up my lobe cause the ball opening was too small for my lobe to enter easily, but once it reached the hole the extremity just popped in and I just rotated it so that the ball would be on the underside of the lobe. I didn't get the ball in cause a) CBRs suck, b) it looked cool and c) I thought it would give more space in case my lobe got swollen. IRONICALLY.
It was perfectly fitted, and the diameter was only 2/3mm bigger than the lobe. It hugged my lobe like the tight but confortable feeling of eating a whole pizza when you know you shouldn't.

This is. OBVIOUSLY. A terrible idea.

All was well until yesterday.
Yesterday was the first day of a summer festival.

I woke up, took a bath and I remember thinking damn this lobe is itchy. But flying ducks given = 0.
3am, in the festival, a bit tipsy, my lobe was hard (cartilage hard!), red, swollen and of course, oozing stuff. I cleaned as good as I could. It hurt. A lot.
Got home, fortunately I live close enough to come sleep every day: tried to take the hoop off: didn't even REMOTELY get it.
Cue crying, cue imagining a old nurse cutting my lobe open to take this off.
Took some ibuprofen, iced it, slept.

Today. Woke up to find the swelling a bit down.
Didn't drink the whole day (very nice such fun wow), iced it throughout the day (thanks nice people over at the food stands!), popped an ibuprofen every 4 hours
Got home, 4am, super quiet tryoing not to wake up the family (cause, ya know, "I TOLD YOU PIERCINGS WOULD HARM YOU").
Cue saline, cue cotton balls, cue a wire-cutting plier, cue two normal pliers.
Get things disinfected (not even concerned with it at this point).

TAKE ONE: hold the two extremities of the CBR with a plier each, twist (like you do with a fixed bead ring - which I love btw).
RESULT ONE: one plier slipped, I yanked the piercing and the lobe bled a bit. No progress, the piercing didn't even budge. Pretty sure it was made not to get the opening loose (cause the ball wouldn't fit) but these were desperate times.

TAKE TWO: hey lets cut it!
RESULT TWO: i tried it with all my strength. Twice. At the second time I heard a click, yanked the piercing yet again, looked down and half the pliers falls in the bathroom sink. Noisy. More blood. Tears.

TAKE THREE: i don't care anymore, lets yank it out.
RESULT THREE: rotated the opening so it would be inside the hole. Wiggled it a bit and the front popped out. However, in the back I still hasd the piercing in the hole. Yanked, pulled, twisted. Long story short, in the front, I managed to get the extremity off the hole stabbed my lobe deep enough so that the front would enter the flesh a little bellow and the back would pop out the hole.
I got a minor injury (a little stab on the front) and a much much much swollen ear, which I'm now icing. I popped another ibuprofen and got the original stud I was pierced with (+ disinfection + half a liter or saline + a simple back that doesn't accumulate much filth) and a bit of bactine. It surprisingly didn't hurt when putting on the stud.
I plan on ordering new piercings, and will get something decent to put here.

I didn't do anything to angry the lobe. It was (is? isn't?) pretty healed.
I wanted a snug piercing. Maybe I can achieve the look with a small circulsr barbell - the opening is pretty large.

Also, I was never more thankfull that I just got my tetanus shot.
Too bad there's not a shot for being a moron.