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Thread: My Daith Piercing :)

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    Default My Daith Piercing :)

    I decided to go and get my daith heart piercing on Wednesday, so I went to Blue Banana in Birmingham City centre, as my friend got her industrial piercing there the other week, and recommended it to me. The ladies in there were lovely, and checked my ear to make sure it was suitable for a daith piercing. The lady who checked it said it was, and I filled out the paperwork. I was then told to go and get a sugary snack and a drink for half an hour, and then come back.
    I came back, and they greeted me, before telling me to wait downstairs so they could get all the equipment ready. I waited for about 10 minutes before I was called into the room by the lady who was going to do my piercing. She told me to take a seat, and then marked up my ear for me. I checked it in the mirror, and said it was fine. She then clamped my ear and popped the heart jewellery in. Reading other daith piercing experiences on here, people have said they thought putting the jewellery in was the most painful part of the piercing, whereas for me it was definitely the clamping of my ear, although I would only give that a 4/10 on the pain scale. I was then given a kit with salt and tea tree oil in, and was told to put it on twice a day for three month before I can get the jewellery changed.

    Just after my piercing had been done, it ached for a bit, but I soon forgot about it, and now it only ever really hurts if I make contact with it. For anyone who is considering getting it done, I completely recommend the daith piercing, it looks amazing!

    Update: my daith piercing has turned upside down?? The actual piercing is in the same place but the heart jewellery has turned upside down to an awkward angle. Do I go back to the shop and ask them to adjust it or try and do it myself??
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    Congrats on your piercing! Although Blue Banana are notorious for doing botched piercings so keep a close eye on it.

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    Also tea tree oil is very irritating to piercings you should just use the salt water to do soaks a couple of times a day 1/4 tsp salt to a cup of water.
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