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Thread: VCH Hurts During Oral + Restretching

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    Default VCH Hurts During Oral + Restretching

    Part I: I got a VCH about 5 weeks ago. I'd been receiving oral since around week 2, but am finding that after about 5 minutes it caused some discomfort or pain (TMI: I think because I like sucking motions, not licking?). Is this because the piercing is still fairly new?

    Part II: I figured the piercing was healed enough to remove the curved barbell during sex, so I did (because of the aforementioned issue). I noticed then that there is a small lump on the inside that is a bit uncomfortable to the touch. After sex, I (of course) forgot to put the jewelry back in for about 2 hours. Ended up not being bale to get my 12g bar back in, primarily due to the lack of a leading point on internally threaded jewelery, so I stuck a 14g straight barbell in it. Bought some tapers the next day and restretched the hole. Now it's pretty sore and a bit swollen. Going to leave it alone for a while, but I'm a bit worried about the lump I felt. I'm also wondering if there is another type of jewelry that I could wear during sex that perhaps wouldn't hurt. I'm thinking something with a flat top for where the upper ball is.....

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    Hi there. Firstly, please tell me you're using a barrier (e.g., dental dam) during oral sex? You really should not be having 'unprotected' oral sex with any genital piercing until it's fully healed. Also, while it's physically possible to engage in any sort of (protected; condoms and dams are a must) sexual activity from day one, you really need to listen to your body. If it hurts, stop. I was having sex again two weeks after my triangle but there were times when it became painful or sore, so I'd have to stop and would leave out the sexual activity for a couple of days. Seriously, don't do it if it hurts, you're just delaying healing.

    Secondly, you really shouldn't be removing jewellery for any length of time until it's fully healed. I believe that's around eight weeks for a VCH? So, no, it's not healed enough to remove the jewellery for sex. Again, doing this is just putting healing back, meaning you're going to have to wait longer than the eight weeks for it to be fully healed. Even so, new piercings tend to close up quicker than older piercings, so even after it is fully healed, you might have some issues with removing (and leaving out) the jewellery. Even at six months, I wouldn't want to leave my triangle out for any longer than it took to change the jewellery. Some people find that after a while they can leave piercings out for a while without it shrinking (e.g., I can leave my lobes out for months and still get jewellery in), while other piercings will close up no matter what (e.g., my nipple piercing is now a year and a half old and still wouldn't last a few hours without a barbell). No one can really tell how your piercings are going to react to having the jewellery out. I've not had mine that long, so maybe someone a bit more experienced with genital piercings can come along and add their experiences about jewellery removal.

    The bump is likely either scar tissue or a result of constant irritation. It should calm down in time.

    In regards to what jewellery is comfortable, that's really just trial and error. I know lots of women who think that finding out what 'works' for them is all part of the fun. Once it's fully healed you can try with different lengths, ball sizes, shapes, etc.

    Hope it sorts itself out! It's never nice to have a sore nether region!
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    I agree with the above, there's no way you should be having oral that soon!! Did your piercer not give you any information on healing etc?
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