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Thread: E-reader help!

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    I've not heard of Calibre before! This is really useful, thanks! =)

    I, like everyone else, have a Kindle. Like Anne, I have a basic one with buttons; partly because it's what I could get (eBay find, brand new, 30) but also because I much prefer the buttons to the touch screen.

    That said, the backlight in newer models is well worth the extra money. It's the only problem with mine (using a booklight can be a bit of a pain as the Kindle screen is more reflective than paper, so it 'whites out' some of the text in my experience).

    It might be worth checking out the different book catelogues first? I know there are some books that can only be read on Kindle/Nook/Kobo? So if there's something she particularly wants, it'd make sense to check which e-reader has it available and buy that one (although if Calibre can convert files, this is less of an issue).

    I actually have a review of my Kindle on my blog if you fancy having a gander.
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    i have a kindle paperwhite and i ♥ it. if you throw it on airplane mode (which you don't need wifi unless you're downloading books from the amazon store) the battery lasts weeks. i love the feel of the touch screen because it almost feels like a real book if you imagine enough. you can also change the font style and size to match your favorite reads. the paperwhite is the best equivalent to a real book. calibre is a good software to convert pdf files to a mobi file to put on the kindle. mobi files can also be dragged and dropped onto it. amazon also offers kindle unlimited for $10/month and allows you to have free books.
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    Could I ask if anyone has used an e-reader for technical books? I need to buy several to read and take with me, and some sort of ereader would be much lighter! Is a kindle a good choice for this sort of book, or is something else more suitable. Thanks.

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    I love my kindle and when my second generation version stopped working after 3 years amazon sent me a touch screen one even though I was two years out of guarantee. I also like that if I'm out and about and have a few spare minutes I can pick up from where I was on my phone.
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