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Thread: Petition to ban ear piercings for babies

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    I wish they would ban this! Firstly, disgusting dirty evil gun! (Yuck!) My mum saw a baby the other week with ear-rings in and was horrified!

    I really annoyed my poor Mum to have mine done when I was 11. It was with a gun before we knew better! It was awful so much pain. The whole experience was horrible - pain, allergy, surgical spirit washes (sting!) and your dad trying to get the butterfly backs off with pliers.

    It took me until I was 37 to have my second lobes pierced - with a needle. It is just cruel seeing babies and young Un's with pierced ears. They can't look after them and will stick hands anywhere.
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    I know it's quite an old topic but it drew my attention. My ears were never pierced before I asked for it, and decisively - I was seven or eight at that time. Having my ears not pierced shortly after birth and my mum being very clear on it meaning that any modifying should be my own decision was considered rather liberal at that time, since girls' ears were pierced - with the gun - shortly after birth.

    Anyway I'm glad that I got to choose my piercings - then and now, and that my parents are very supportive with what I am doing with my body and my life.

    Still, 35 years later, that parent attitude is considered quite liberal, oh well.
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