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Thread: Navel piercing advice?! *pics included*

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    Question Navel piercing advice?! *pics included*

    Hi guys, long time lurker new-time poster!

    Roughly 12 weeks ago, I got my navel pierced. I had a bit of a nightmare in the beginning with banging it etc, but after going to see my piercer and another highly recommended one, the conclusion was it was fine, albeit with hypetrophic scarring. This was when I had the piercing for 5 weeks.

    But lately, i've been noticing more of the bar is showing, however, I was pierced with a 14mm curved barbell and I only need a 10mm bar? Could this be the issue?

    Also, it is red and tender and I can feel the bar through it, however, I have been able to feel it since the 2 week mark.
    Any help is appreciated, i'm wondering whether it is rejecting or migrating. I'm planning on going back to my piercer if it's still niggling at me, but I was wondering whether you lovely people could help? x

    Pics included:




    Any help/advice is appreciated! x

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    I wear 10mm and 8mm barbells in my navel piercings, so don't worry that 10mm is too short. I can also feel the bar through my skin on both of them and pretty much always have been able to. Navels do swell a fair bit, so the fact that you're seeing so much bar recently isn't necessarily a concern.

    I'd recommend that you keep an eye on it. If the distance between the holes continues to shrink or you start to be able to see the bar through the skin, then you have a rejecting piercing. However, if it stays as is, it's probably just residual swelling going down. =)

    It does possibly look like the bottom ball sticks out a little further than would be ideal? I'm not entirely sure though; could just be the angle in the photos.
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