So, I haven't seen many posts on here about horses (or maybe I'm just missing them!)

And I thought it would be nice to find other horsey people, especially those who have similar interests as well.

I am fortunately lucky enough to have my own horse, and have been riding for nearly 10 years.
My horse is called Barney, he's 14 years old and I've owned him for about 5 years now.
whist we often have disagreements as he thinks he is the funniest thing around and thinks only with his stomach, I find one of the reason I love spending time with him is because of some of the little things he does that I know are because he wants my attention - whether this is because he wants food or not is debatable, but I like to think he wants me to notice him.
He was very nervous and was quite wary of people when I first got him, so to see him now sticking his nose out to people who walk past and actively looking for a pat and a bit of attention and not backing away from other liveries who walk past, is in a way, really nice.

So share about your horses (if you have them), or your experience with horses!
I would love to get talking more with horse lovers and equestrians across the world, and I'm sure we all have lots of questions only horse-familiar people could answer lol