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    Default Need some advice please

    So I got my ear cartilage/helix pierced ohh say a year and a half ago. I got an industrial originally but then hypertrophic scarring came on full storm, so i changed to eyebrow jewelry. This helped settle one of them and it has been fine.

    The other one? Not so much.

    It gets red and swollen and irritated often, then it settles again, then it gets red etc. This happens no matter what the jewelry ( ring, curved barbell, labret jewelry). Ive tried salt water soaks, and chamomile tea soaks... nothing seems to help. I need new things to try, or should I retire it? The piercer who did it doesn't work in my town anymore, though I could go in for some advice from the new piercer who works in the same place.

    Thanks guys

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    Is the jewelery made of titanium?
    If it's not it could be irritating the piercing on it's own, esp if it's getting red on and off
    And it could be making it worse because you keep changing it, or if your hair is catching on it, or getting soap, shampoo or conditioner on it when washing your hair?
    I would suggest going to a good piercer and getting a sterile titanium bar or labret in it and just leaving it alone.
    Cartilage can be a pain to heal, I think it CAN take up to 2 years to heal if it's had some trauma or issues, and sometimes just leaving it alone with good quality jewelery in it can make a load of difference
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    It may be the jewellery isn't a high enough quality for your ears, if so a piercer needs to change it for you. Another reason could be the aftercare, maybe changing the jewellery irritated it. Best bet is to not touch it at any cost and see a piercer, anyone at the place you got it done at should be more than happy to help you

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    good luck

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    This happened to me with my helix and I had to take it out as my ears just didn't like that jewellery. Go to your piercer

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    How tight is the back of the jewelry? if its constantly tight against it, I'd try putting a ring in it and see if that helps.

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    Do you find yourself sleeping on that side? I had the same issue with my helix piercings and tried sleeping on a travel pillow for a few weeks just to give it some time to heal without being compressed for hours at a time. My chiropractor was not happy with me but it worked like a charm. (:

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