I got my rook piercing about 1 year ago.

I really did not treat it well during the healing period. I messed around with it a lot, mostly because I'm antsy, I just can't help it. I did always keep it very clean however, constantly doing salt soaks and washing with antibacterial soap.

After about 4 months I tried to change it. I put in a hoop in, but my hair kept getting caught in it! Kept getting irritated. Finally I changed it back to the curved barbell that it was pierced with.

For the first 6 -8 months it seemed like it was healing. Every couple weeks it would swell up again, but if I cleaned it the swelling would go down (never ALL the way down, but it seemed it was on the way to being healed)

For the past 2 months however, the swelling has not gone down. it has stayed swollen and no matter how much I clean it it won't go down! I've had a few bumps around it that come and go as well. It's not particularly painful, just swollen. I don't want my ear to look inflamed forever.

Now please don't tell me what I did wrong, just tell me what to do from here. I know I messed up by messing around with it and trying to change it to early. At this point I just want to know if it will ever heal. If not, what can I do? Can I take it out? If I take it out with the swelling eventually go down???