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Thread: Cyst in earlobe

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    Default Cyst in earlobe

    Hey everyone.

    I've been stretching my ears for the better part of half a year now, and I've been at 4mm for about 3 weeks. I realised when I took my tunnels out to clean them the other day that I have a lump on the inside of my earlobe. It isn't visible at all externally, there is not discoloration, no discharge, no swelling; just a hard ball on the inside of my lobe. It's not painful unless squeezed, and it's about half a centimeter above the actual piercing. All of these signs would lead me to believe that this is a cyst. I haven't had a professional diagnosis, but I'm planning on getting one at the next opportunity I have. The cyst itself is very small, probably peasized if not smaller.

    Will the cyst hinder my ear stretching, what treatments can I do at home and has anybody else had this before?
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    I actually think these are normal. When I started stretching my lobes, I got these lumps right beside the holes, they weren't painful, just kind of 'there' and they've gone now after about 6 weeks of daily oil massages.
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