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Thread: Infected rook piercing?

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    Unhappy Infected rook piercing?

    Hi everyone! I've been having some trouble with my rook piercing... So I got it pierced around 3 months ago and the first week it went a bit mental (as I'm told rook piercings normally do) and then after that it was completely fine - I mean it hurt to touch or move it for the first month and then after that it sort of settled down. After about a month I stopped regularly cleaning it (I know I should have kept going - I've got lazy!) and would just give it clean with solution every once in a while, rather than doing the full on salt soaks that I used to do.
    Anyway, because my rook is quite tucked away I can't actually see the piercing when looking in the mirror so the only way I can get to it is through taking photos on my phone or using two mirrors. So about two weeks ago I thought I'd check it out because the healing hadn't seemed to progress in a while (it still hurt to sleep on it etc) and I realised it looked infected! it had yellow gunk (sorry gross) around it and crusties all over it and it also had a dark coloured bump on it. Anyway so I cleaned it all up and did loads of salt soaks. I then put tea tree oil on the bump. That sorted out the infection and it all seems much more happy but the dark bump is still there. I've had lots of piercing bumps before so I'm very familiar with what they look like and how to treat them, but this bump is kind of yellow and wrapped around the post. I've done aspirin paste, tea tree oil and salt soaks And it hasn't improved... I dont know what it is or what to do next because it looks quite grim on my nice (now not infected I think) rook...

    Please help!

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    Doesn't sound like an infection happened. Those hurt like mofos, burn, swell, etc. you KNOW they're there, and they don't get better without medical intervention. Yellow goop and crusties are totally, totally normal.

    And the LITHA method is often used, so don't worry that you got "lazy," but it does sound like your piercing needs some TLC. Don't use the aspirin or TTO, those are too harsh. Have you checked out the bump thread? Is it a hypergranuloma? If so, SSS 2x daily may help, and if that doesn't work then a cortisone paste (very, very last resort).

    Without a pic, it's hard to say. Can you post a link with spaces in it?
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    rooks can be very tempermental, my advice would be go and see your piercer - bumps can appear from any reason and it may be you need a shorter bar (or to change to a bar if you're using a ring)

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