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Thread: How old are your piercings?

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    My oldest piercings are my first ear lobes at 35+ years old ( do I hold the record? I haven't read the thole thread). A long gap then until the nostril piecing which must be about 5 years old. The newest is the conch at 6 weeks. Not sure I'm entirely done yet. I may add a snug

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    My first lobes were pierced 40 years ago. I got my nostril pierced 20/21 years ago and my helix, tragus and conch piercings were all done separately, starting nearly a year ago up until November of last year.
    Right ear......2 x lobes, 2 x helix. Left ear......2 x lobes, 2 x helix. Left side of nose.
    Retired......3rd piercings on right and left lobe.
    Rejected......navel piercing
    Now the proud owner of both a left and right tragus piercing.
    Left conch.
    Looking forward to some more Neometal and Industrial Strength earrings.

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    Lobes are either 11 or 12 years old. I just know for sure i got them in my 1st year of secondary school so it was either 2004 or 2005.

    Helix is 6 years old - 2010

    Rook and tragus both very new. 2016

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    I love to see the amount of piercings everyone has!
    first lobes, both ears: 13 years (I think, they were done when i was young) been stretched/stretching for almost 4 years
    second lobes, both ears: about 3 years
    Nipples: 2 weeks lol

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    First lobes, 26 years ago O.O! (6 months old)
    Second Lobes, 19 years - then taken out somewhere within the next 8 years
    Second, Third and Fourth lobes both ears all done the same day 11 years ish ago (Third lobes must have been too fat for the gun piercing they endured, ears kept eating the studs. I haven't worn earrings in any of my lobes consistantly for years though, i know i can get earrings through the first two, not sure about the fourth set)
    Left Helix-type placement 11 years - Still with the same darn sleeper it's had for at least 10 years
    Right Industrial/Scaffold 5 months ish
    Left nostril - like... 3 months ish

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    First lobes in 2000, second lobes in 2001, third lobes in 2002, nose in 2003, helix in 2011, nipple in 2015 x2, tragus in 2015.

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    My lobes would have been around 1999, nose and belly button in 2008 and my nipples, VCH and tongue all last year.
    I only ever wore studs in my nose until last year when I switched to a hoop which got people asking me about my nose piercing after nobody had really mentioned it for years - with a stud it had just become part of me I guess.
    Nose, navel, both nipples horizontally, Princess Diana, septum, tongue

    Line of butterflies from lower belly round onto back and up to my shoulder, garter tatt on left thigh

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    Lobe # 1: 30 years
    lobe #2: 24years
    lobe #3: 18 years
    navel: 8 years
    tragus: almost 4 months

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    First lobes: 1996-ish
    second lobes: 2000-ish
    navel: about 2004
    third lobes because stretching my ears made the second ones disappear: about 2012
    lip: 2008
    tragus: 2011
    dermals in back: probably about 2013
    helix (was industrial but only kept 1 hold open):2013
    daith: about 6 months
    nipple: 1 week and 1 day!

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    I have no idea when I got my lobes pierced. I'm guessing early 90s. The oldest other piercing I have is my bellybutton, which is 16 years old! Had it done when I was 14, and my best friends mum came with me and pretended to be my mum. My mum was 100% against body piercing, and I looked more like my friends mum than her own daughter did at the time :p Newest, my 3 day old nipples!
    Ear lobes X 3 each
    Nipples (12g)
    Surface Tragus (R)

    Nipples (14g)
    Surface Tragus (L)
    Forward Helix (R)
    Tongue web

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