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Thread: Why Did You Retire Your Piercing?

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    Default Why Did You Retire Your Piercing?

    I find the reason why people retire piercings to be equally as interesting as to why people get them in the first place. I feel that it can help make an informed decision (example; I've been pondering outer labia piercings, but I've seen lots of people retire them because the healing takes too long/doesn't heal at all. I feel I better know what lies ahead, and can weigh up whether, for me, thats a risk worth taking).

    However, while lots of people document getting a piercing, they very often don'tever explicitly mention why they retired it. It just sort of disappears from a signature, or from conversation.

    I've only had to retire one, personally, and even that was more of a 'it retired itself'. I caught my less than six month old nipple piercing in the shower, on one of those scrubber things. Nearly pulled the bar out. Although there was no bleeding or visible trauma, this caused the piercing to start rejecting. I, however, remained in denial It was my favourite piercing, like hell was I going to lose it. Unfortunately, as we all know, when a piercing rejects, it rejects, and there is nothing we can do. Which led to it literally being torn out a month later (my boyfriend caught it with his elbow in bed). Owch.

    The moral of my story is; don't let rejection get to bifurcation. Remove, asap.

    (I've been too scared to use a shower scrubber since.)

    So, why have you retired your piercings?
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    It takes a lot for me to bite the bullet and retire a piercing, considering I have invested a lot of time, money and going through the healing process in to them. Plus I don't get piercings if I don't intend to have them for a long time. I retired my first scaffold after nearly four years because I realised the forward helix part was badly done, it was far too shallow and was made even more shallow when my friends got her bracelet caught on it and she yanked it thinking it was just caught in my hair.
    I retired my first helix because it would not heal, and it became a chore having it. But as you can see from my signature I got them back.
    I got rid of my tongue web because I was sick of cleaning it and I very much over enunciate my words when I speak so it was clacking against my teeth causing it to chip at the glue holding a bar to the back of my teeth. So really mine were practical reasons really.
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    I had my eyebrow for 9 years before retiring, it was just growing out too much. However, when I think about how awful I treated it in the first couple of months I'm very surprised it lasted so long with no problems!

    Septum went after 2.5 years, it was just far too wonky. I know I have a deviated septum anyway so it was never going to be perfect but it just felt like it was getting worse over time. Anytime I tried to wear a ring it was glaringly obvious that it was at an angle. The girl who pierced it wasn't great to begin with so I'm hoping a re-pierce from a good piercer will be a little better.
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    Nipple kept getting it caught at work (Engineer – in fairness it was a ring)
    Tongue retired due to being in the Navy and getting promoted (had to set a good example)
    Nipples both – one badly pierced the other my little one grabbed it and tore it so badly I had to let it heal properly
    Round again with the nipples and it was wifes turn to cause damage. Lots of blood from one and felt uneven so retired the other a day later.
    Belly button – Fluff and cleaning.
    PA – It was painful for the wife (bonus tho the hole wont heal)

    That my list I think.
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    Oh wow I've retired quite a few haha!

    3 nipple piercings (1x single and 1x cross) - fed up of catching them (G cup boobies)
    Tongue - didn't like the angle it was done at
    Philtrum - didn't like the way it looked
    Eyebrow x2 - Migrated both times
    Outer labia x2 - Tried for 9 months to heal but they wouldn't settle
    VCH - Felt it got in the way, too thin and the ex wasn't keen on it
    Helix x2 - they were gunned and in a crappy position
    Lobe - didn't like the position so I retired and repierced
    Rook - didn't like the position
    Nostril - it suffered trauma one night and after several months still wouldn't stop acting up
    Nape MDs x3 - interfering with swimming, constantly catching my hair on them and didn't have to have to always wear a cap
    Wrist MDs x2 - 1 rejected so I removed, then I removed the other one as I decided I just didn't want them any more.

    I don't regret anything, all were experiences somewhere along the line, the only one I was sad about is my nostril and I'm going to get it redone anyway.
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    Modifications: 5mm septum punch,
    coinslot ear cartilage removal, 5mm conch punch
    Cosmetic Modifications: Scar removal x7, semi permanent eyebrows, semi permanent eyeliner, semi permanent lipstick, lip dermal filler, botox
    Retired Piercings: 3 nipple, tongue, 4 philtrum, 4 eyebrow, 2 outer labia, VCH, 1 lobe, rook, nostril, 3 nape MDs, 2 wrist MDs, septum, 3 upper conch, conch, 5 helices
    Tattoos: 95 hours
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    My list is ultra-short

    My RPA was retired (reluctantly) when I needed an MRI scan, and the medical staff insisted that even though it was titanium, it needed to be removed. I might have been able to refit the jewellery after the MRI if (a) the nurse hadn't flushed it away by mistake, or (b) I had a spare available.

    I had it re-pierced about 9 months later once I was off blood-thinners (although my piercer wasn't entirely convinced that the channel had completely closed - just the ends).

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    First lot of nipples after about 7 years were rejecting. Second lot after a couple of months as I kept catching them as I was doing a lot more sport now and they didn't like the healing.
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    Double navel: I think we all know why that particular event had to be forgotten
    Nipples: soon to be retired due to booby surgery... But they will return!
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    Helix - I was 13 and very uniformed about piercings when I got it done, so I left the jewellery out for a few days and the piercing closed up. It was pretty irritated anyway - I got it done with a ring, constantly played with it and twisted the ring and only cleaned it with the harsh spray I got from the crappy local piercings

    Scaffold - I got this done at the crappy local piercings. It probably shouldn't have even been done, because I don't think I have the right anatomy, the piercer used a bar that was way too short, so it rejected. I still have a split in the top of my ear from it. :(

    Standard navel - The piercing was really irritated and annoying - it just wasn't healing. Then I was pretty sure it was starting to reject, so I took it out, which was quite a relief. I don't think I have the anatomy for a standard navel anyway, because my stomach creases just above my navel - maybe that's why my piercing was so difficult.

    Eyebrow - This piercing was healing so well until I went to the hairdressers, and the woman clearly didn't understand the meaning of "Please could you be careful of my eyebrow piercing". After she knocked it so hard it bled, things went downhill and it started to reject, so I took it out. Luckily, I got it re-pierced last year, but it's been quite irritated lately. I'm really hoping I won't have to retire it again.

    Central labret - Out of all my piercings, this is the one that lasted the least time - it didn't even last two weeks. I don't know if I had placement issues or not, but I just couldn't deal with it being there and couldn't stop biting it. After not even two weeks, it was very irritated and I tried to put a longer bioplast labret in it (the swelling was so bad that the ball fell off and I'm sure some of the external threading was in the piercing hole), but that was intensely painful and I just couldn't bare to do it, so I had to let the hole close up. The piercing was a horrible experience, but I want to get a vertical labret and side lip piercings in the future.

    Both nostrils - These were the first and only piercings I've retired completely for aesthetics. I loved my nostril piercings, but I didn't like how they looked with my nasallang, so I retired them a few days after getting my nasallang.

    Eyebrow skindivers x3 - One of them started to reject so I got that taken out, then another of them started to reject. I didn't want to be only have one, and the remaining one was probably going to reject soon anyway, so I got both of them taken out. I really liked these and was sad to get rid of them.

    Wrist microdermal - it started getting really irritated after a while and wouldn't settle. I waited a couple of weeks, but then I got fed up of it and got it removed. I doubt I'll ever be getting it re-done.

    Wow, I've retired quite a lot! :P
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    Planning: ​ Vertical labret re-pierced

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    Oh, I lost one of my nostrils because I tried to change the jewellery to a labret that was too short and then I couldn't get the original screw back in. Made sure I didn't make the same mistake when I got it re-done!
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