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Thread: Why Did You Retire Your Piercing?

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    I had my lip pierced. Really liked it, but decided it wasn't for me. Then I got it done AGAIN and left it in for much longer. Again, I decided it wasn't for me.

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    I retired my navel after 20 years because it was starting to migrate out. My double nostril piercings were a prime target for my baby's grabbing hands, so I retired them before he did me a mischief. I also retired my tongue because I had a nasty habit of clicking the bar against my teeth and it was damaging them.

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    Eyebrow - forcibly removed by an inept hairdresser
    industrial - pierced appallingly
    christina - kept catching it, not sure jewellery was suitable, wouldn't settle
    L Ear: 13mm lobe, 8mm lobe, snug, industrial, daith, tragus
    R Ear: 13mm lobe, 8mm lobe, 4 x helix, rook, tragus
    Other: 6mm Tongue, Septum, bridge/erl, 2 x philtrum

    Christina, Left eyebrow, Industrial (R Ear), 5mm lip

    Star on left forearm
    'Freedom' in script on right forearm
    GITS Neck Ports
    Dragon Quest Slime on left wrist

    Cosmetic tattoos:
    Eyebrows (‘retired’)

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    Recently decided to retire all 7 of my standard lobe piercings and my second helix. The helix I had for about 3 years and it never really healed and the lobes I just got bored of. My ears feel lighter now
    left ear: 14mm lobe, helix & tragus
    right ear: 14mm lobe, rook & conch
    elsewhere: nostril, nipples & 2 tattoos

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    retired my industrial about a week ago because for almost three months it didn't heal at all and formed two hypertrophic scars. pretty sad about it. my ear feels a lot better but i still miss it. :(

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    I retired my pubic piercing a few days ago after setting out on a new adventure, Ball Stretching !
    Current : Left ear lobe 18g gold ring 10mm ID,
    Both nipples 10g 12mm ID BCR ,
    Reverse Prince Albert 2g 25mm curved SS Barbell with 11mm balls.
    Septum at 10g Horseshoe !

    Retired : Pubic piercing 10g 12mm ID, due to starting Ball Stretching Adventure !

    Tattoo's, Upper & lower arms. Upper legs & both shoulders, long forgotten how many hours !

    Ball Stretching Weights, 38 x 30 521g & 40 x 15 234g making a total of 755g at present. More to be added !

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    Labret; Was causing gum recession under one tooth and became really uncomfortable whenever it touched it :( This was my favourite piercing and really sad to see it go
    I'm hoping to get another lip piercing in the future, either above this one so it doesn't rub on my gums, or to the side

    4x Standard Lobes
    ; 2 were retired when I was very young, my mum had them pierced with a gun and I'd never really wanted them, so just stopped wearing earrings and they closed up. I then got firsts and seconds gunned again when older and ended up retiring two of these due to placement, and getting them redone with a needle after I'd learned a bit about piercing.
    Unfortunately the placement is still off, but can't be dealing with more holes due to scare tissue building up so just dealing with them a bit wonky :(

    ; Had this for about 10 years but it had started to migrate and the skin between the holes was looking too thin and made the jewellery sit at a weird angle. I'd really like to get this re-pierced, but my piercer doesn't want to pierce behind this in case of channeling (i think he called it this?)
    Hai, I'm Nox!!

    Current; L&R Firsts @ 1.6mm, L&R Seconds @ 1.2mm L&R Low Auricles, R Tragus, R Nostril, L Rook
    Researching & Planning; R Daith, R Faux Rook, L Nostril, L Inner Conch,
    L Side Labret, L&R 5mm firsts
    Retired; Central Labret, 4 Standard Lobes, Naval, 4mm Seconds

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    Ive only retired my VCH - had it done for my bf at the time, but we split up so it went with him lol

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    I retired my belly button because I have a happy trail and it looked gross as f**k, plus it wasnt my aesthetic. I tried many many times to have a central labret but I have buck teeth so it just wouldn't work out.
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    Retired my lower lip piercing (left side) because it was my first facial piercing that I got at a seemingly bad piercer who probably misplaced it and I did not take care of it too well either causing it to never settle down and building up insane amounts of hypertrophic scarring even after two years every time I changed the jewellery or nudged at it the tiniest bit (my first piece of jewellery was also a ring which did not help at all) and one time after trying to once again change the jewellery to a better fitting one, I could not get anything back in so I had to let it go which was probably a good decision in the end... As for my lobes, they were gunned when I was maybe seven years old and one of them stretched downwards quite badly as well as all of them getting infected constantly because seven year olds and piercings do not match. I do wish to get them all repierced though by an actually good piercer whose customer I've been for a while now and now that I know not to mess around with them.
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    -lower lip

    The Grand List of Ideas:
    -14mm lobes
    -upper lobe
    -spider bites
    -butterfly kiss
    -some helixes
    -all of the tattoos

    -upper lobe
    -lower lip

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