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Thread: Why Did You Retire Your Piercing?

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    Retired tongue, 2x lobes and left auricle (all of my piercings) because I basically got sick of them which is what I'd slightly putting me off getting my lip, helix and lobe done

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    Navel piercing cos it kept getting irritated and wouldnt heal properly, mostly cos of my ex-hubby 's constantly putting his hands on it " rubbing my tummy" but he hated the piercing and was so happy when I had to retire it! Charming, so glad I ditched him 7 years ago.

    Tragus cos it wouldnt heal, was still painful to sleep on after a year and I had a feeling it was moving so retired it.

    Helix cos it was starting to reject after it got messed up by a bcr twisting on itself when i was sleeping. Was actually upset about this one cos was my favourite!

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    Helix - I'm not keen on the placement. It's actually still open but I haven't worn jewellery in it in years.
    Lobes x4 - all gunned, not very happy and often irritated.
    Nostrils x2 - after 6 years of never having lost a nose screw I lost every single one I put in either nostril for about 2 months before eventually giving up!
    Snake bites - one was causing a tiny bit of gum recession so I decided to cut my losses and retire before it got any worse.
    Tongue web - the ring was driving me mad and the fistula wouldn't fit a bar so it went.
    Nipple - it was rejecting pretty spectacularly (I think in part due to the vertical one behind it)

    I think that's them all!
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    It's interesting reading this thread! I've never retired a piercing
    0g lobes, 8g conch, rook, daith, double helix
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    Snug because I had it for a few years and it never fully settled.

    4 lobe piercings just cuz I started a new job and I wanted a "tidier" look for it


    Retired snug


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    Right... let's begin lol

    Double lower lip piercings - I was just bored of them. It wasn't a look I liked on myself anymore.
    Nape surface - Pierced with a long straight ptfe bar. Began rejecting so I removed it.
    Nape surface again - I didn't learn from the first time and the same thing happened again.
    Cleavage surface - Had it pierced horizontally, and again with straight ptfe. (I was so uneducated then) I had it in for 6 whole weeks and I didn't get one full night of sleep in that whole time. As soon as I took it out it stopped hurting and I slept through the night!
    Left lower lip piercing - I actually got 'snakebites', but I didn't consider how work would react. My boyfriend at the time told me I was an idiot because work would go mental. I ended up retiring the left one on the day I got them.
    2 x wrist MDs - They were rejecting, one was really painful for ages and wouldn't settle. I had them around 4 years before I had them out though.
    Cleavage surface - started rejecting so I took it out myself as soon as I had confirmation it was on its way out. Didn't want a scar.
    Wrist surface - Was rejecting so I got it removed before it had chance to go too far.
    Vampire Bite 1 - I had it in just under 2 months and it wouldn't settle, so I got it taken out.
    Vampire Bite 2 - This one lasted a few months longer than the first one. The top fell off one day and it began to feel so much better. I tried to get it out myself but couldn't. Went and had it removed and felt instant relief. I now have 2 scars where I actually look like I was bitten by a vampire!

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    I've retired my right industrial, it was 5 or 6 years old, because the bar I had in it irritated it and the skin on the outer-most hole was getting rather thin.
    I also retired my first nipple piercings because my ex just didn't like them. I hated the idea of taking them out though. I got them repierced about a year later. But now I want to take them out and get them redone diagonally.
    Left ear: Lobe 2.5mm, Industrial, anti-tragus.
    Right Ear: Lobe 2.5mm, double forward helix
    Other: Nostril, nipples x2, tongue
    Wants: Conch, auricle, surface tragus, collar MDs x4, VCH or Triangle.

    Unfortunately no tattoos yet.

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    Only two so far for me.
    Septum didn't last the day, I didn't know any better and the guy pierced it through the cartilage right at the front of my nose. I think it would have come out eventually anyway even if he'd done it right, I don't think it really suited me, it was an on the spot decision and it hurt like hell, almost fainted, definitely shouldn't have got it done.
    The labret I got on the same day also ended up being retired, I think it looked too "harsh" on me, and although I loved it, I could NOT for the life of me stop playing with it and biting it, so it never healed fully and was always sore.
    Have: Left ear lobe 3x16g, Right ear lobe 3x16g,
    Right nostril x1, Belly, Both Nipples
    Want: Both ears - Triple Conch,
    Rook, Tragus, 3x Helix,
    Retired: Central Labret, Septum
    Have: Paw on left wrist with snowflake & dog's name & yob-yod underneath
    Phoenix on left forearm & Universe Horse right thigh piece
    Future: Top/rest of sleeve - to be designed

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    I've retired two piercings (left helix and right sidelip) due to long battles with granulomas, at the end of which I gave up and decided to let it heal it fully.

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    I retired my navel piercing the first time I had it done because it migrated. I didn't know much about piercings at the time and I thought migration always resulted in rejection, so I took it out. Also about a week before I took it out, my friend's navel piercing fully rejected and fell right out, leaving her with a nasty scar, so that was enough to scare me into retiring it. I've had it done again since, but it's migrated a lot and I fear I'll have to retire it sooner or later.
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    Left ear: 3 x Lobes, 1 Helix.
    Right Ear: 3 x Lobes.
    Right Nostril

    What I'm Considering:
    Tragus, Rook, Daith, Triple Forward Helix.
    Eyebrow /Labret /Septum.

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