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Thread: My new cheek piercings!!!

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    Cool My new cheek piercings!!!

    Hi all! I dont know how to start a thread but I guess I will start by saying I got my Cheeks pierced 2 days ago! I'll get straight into it! Im sorry its long, but I dont want to leave anything out!

    Day Of

    I booked an appointment and went with my SIL for support and a hand to squeeze! Lol when we got there I was told she couldnt come in the room and we couldnt record it, so I went lone soldier! I sat up on the bed while he measured and marked me up which took a while, because while my cheeks are symmetrical when im not smiling, they're asymmetrical while im smiling, so my piercer had to find a medium otherwise it was going to be uneven one way or the other. He used the barely visible dimple I already had on my left cheek to mark the other. I was happy and we were ready to roll. We went with 16g PTFE bars and flat backs, so I could cut them down when I was ready rather than having to have long bars that were too long for months and having to buy new ones all the time. They had wee steel balls with Diamontes

    He clamped me and shoved the needle through going out/in. I was actually shocked to find that it was painless! The only part that was uncomfortable was when he followed the piercing sheath through the hole with the PTFE bar but I would barely give it a 1/10 on the pain scale. My piercer said he had never trimmed anyone's bars longer than 22mm but I forgot to ask how long he trimmed mine to. I still walked out with two whiskers though! He gave me my aftercare instructions and we said our goodbyes!

    I was not in any pain but I was scared to smile because I thought it would hurt, and it didnt! I had no trouble eating, just ate really slowly so I didnt bite down on my bars. I rinsed my mouth out with alcohol free mouthwash every time I ate and salt soaks. I just brush my teeth slowly as well.

    There's not really much to update about the day of though. No pain, I didnt really swell and I had no trouble sleeping. I slept on my side with my face half off the pillow but took two Ibuprofen to minimise the risk of swelling overnight.

    Day One

    I was scared to look in the mirror! I was surprised to find that I didnt have much swelling at all. Definately not the Hamster cheeks that some get. No pain, just feels a bit odd to smile because im not used to smiling with things sticking out of my cheeks! A wee bit of swelling occurred throughout the day but nothing noticeable, I could just tell by how much of my bars were showing. I ate as normal, rinsed with mouthwash whenever I ate and did 3x salt soaks. Slept as normal with Ibuprofen again to minimise swelling. Sorry, I didnt take many photos.

    Day Two

    I was nervous to see my piercings this morning as I read online that for a lot of people, the swelling is at its worst around this time, but they were basically the same as they were when I woke yesterday morning! Very little swelling, no pain, no discomfort. I woke, rinsed my mouth with mouthwash and did a salt soak on each side. Today was the first day that I had Crusties! They came off easily as they were softened with the salt soak but there was only a tiny bit on each.

    I have not touched them with my hands at all yet and dont plan to, but I have always had very oily skin and because of that, I have had a facial incision become infected (I woke up the following morning and it was disgustingly yellow, spotty and full of pus!) so I am trying to keep the oil under control and well away from my piercings as much as I can.

    I will continue to update as I go along but so far so good! No pain or discomfort and very minimal swelling at this point I am really hoping that those links work! I have never used this page before.
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