Many of us will either have had one used on us or know someone who has, so why are they so frowned upon in the mod community?

  • Blood-borne disease transmission - guns cannot be sterilised or put into an autoclave/ultrasonic. This means that as the gun is used on someone, the blood from the client is aerosolized which then lands back on the gun which cannot be cleaned and is then used on the next person. Now imagine if that person has hepatitis B or another kind of blood-borne disease the risks may be low but they are there when they don't need to be.
  • Blunt force trauma - unlike a needle a gun simply forces a blunt ended stud through the lobe, this causes injury and often leaves the client with scarring. Even worse problems such as "cauliflower ear" can happen if a gun is used on cartilage.
  • Pain - often the pain caused by a gun is much worse than that of a needle, not to mention guns often jam and lock causing even more physical and psychological distress to the client.
  • Poor quality and inappropriate jewellery - the studs used will be made of a poor alloy, if they mention being titanium it's likely it's just a titanium coating, these will cause irritation to the skin. Also the studs are too short and do not leave enough room for swelling, the result being a potentially embedded piercing causing even more pain and trauma and sometimes a trip to hospital.
  • Dangerous aftercare - those using guns often give bad advice and give/sell bad products for aftercare. They advise the use of harsh chemicals and promote turning the jewellery often, all of which will delay any healing. Butterfly backs are also a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Inaccuracy - alongside little or no training guns are very hard to use. They are bulky and offer no precision, this means the person using it is often just hoping for the best. This leads to piercings being uneven, at a bad angle and/or too near the edge of the lobe.