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Thread: GUIDE - Why guns are bad

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    All of my lobe and cartilage piercings were done with a gun in walmart years and years ago. My conch and forward helix were done with needles. Other then the few "infections" I had but I proceeded to take out the jewelry to let them heal. I don't recall any problems. Becuase I don't wear jewelry in my cartilage piercing they get sore when I wear jewelry. But I currently have 18g L shaped nose jewelry in my cartilage piercing until I find jewelry I like.
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    Left ear: 4 Lobe piercings, 2 Cartilage, Conch, Double Forward Helix, Antitragus and Vertical Industrial
    Right ear: 3 Lobe piercings, Auricle, Helix, Conch x2, Snug and Forward helix
    Facial: Double Lower and Upper Nostril, Septum, Vertical labret and Philtrum
    Want: Everything
    Retired: Naval x2, Right Nostril, Anti-Tragus, double high nostrils and multiple lobe/Auricle piercings
    Tattoos: None but I want some.

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    I got my third right lobe done with a gun at Clair's (like all other lobes, which i know is bad) and it's been almost 3 years and they still have wee bit of problems.

    My technical cartilages (tfh) were all done by needles, so that's a good thing, i suppose.
    Current body mods:

    0g lobes (first) + 16g second lobes on both and third lobe on right
    triple forward helix on right
    inner conch on my right
    tragus on left
    ‒ one cartilage on my left
    ‒ both nipples

    iris flower on my right ribcage/belly area
    lyric tattoo on my left ribcage
    ‒ Pisces sign with genderfluid colourations

    Getting it done

    Planned in the "near" future
    ‒ spiderbites

    Planned in the "not-so-near" future

    seraph wings with a heart 'tramp stamp'



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    Some people have even been known to have tissue death do the the poor practices and horrible cheap metal used with piercing guns. I almost got my nose pierced with a gun when I was 16. So glad I didn't! I don't even want my nose pierced now and doing it with a gun would have left the worst scar ever!
    I have-
    Septum(16g) Both lobes(6g) Tongue (14g)
    I want to have- Labret, both lobes to 2g, tragus, daith, cartilage piercings, industrial right ear, tattoos
    Retired- Medusa

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