It's been a long time since I saw a banana bell or standard belly button-type ring in person, and I seem to have a much harder time finding eyebrow jewelry, but I remembered how ridiculously popular belly button piercings are, considering even people who aren't into piercings somehow think it's totally different or something, and considering they're easier to take the pain with (I assume). I also noticed how much cool jewelry there is online for the navel, and I was just wondering, would most or a lot of them have possible usage as eyebrow rings, too? From pictures, it seems like they totally could. I was worried about the size being much too off though, so would really appreciate any comments/advice on the subject. It'd be extremely helpful & awesome. ^_^

Oh and I know, there's plenty that would never work due to dangling things etc., so you don't need to waste time mentioning that