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Thread: Problematic 10mm Stretched Lobe

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotherFucking_Princess View Post
    Like I said, I don't seem to have any issues with acrylic jewellery anyways, thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by MotherFucking_Princess View Post
    My right lobe has always been a bit problematic, it was pierced wrong as a child and when I had it pierced again in a slightly different place it had to be pierced twice in a row because the piercer couldn't get the jewellery in and has been periodically sore ever since when I've been stretching. I started stretching my left lobe since I was in year 8 and slowly progressed to 8mm but up to 12mm in the last 6 months. I left my right lobe for up to a year before stretching and waited a month to 6 weeks between sizes.

    Anyway, apart from having to clean them more regularly than I ever did in the past with my left lobe, I tried to put my 10mm tunnel back in last night and it was super sore after leaving it out for a little bit to let it breath. I do usually use a little vaseline to get them back in but I couldn't screw the back on because it was too sore.

    I looked into it to discover chapped lobes, which would make sense but the internal ring of my right lobe has seemingly become crusty or flakey over night even though I put a lot of vaseline on it over night and used a piece of jewellery that went in comfortably. So, I'm just wondering whether the crustiness is due to it being chapped or whether it's something different all together.

    Also, it is only on the back, the front is completely fine.

    Acrylic and vaseline are not suitable for long term use in stretched lobes.
    You are having issues with your stretched lobes. You are using acrylic and vaseline. Maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's not but acrylic does break down over time. You can also develop allergies over time, so it's very possible the flakiness is caused by your acrylic jewellery. My advice to you is to stop using acrylic and vaseline; I think you'll see a big improvement if you switch to glass or titanium and a natural oil such as jojoba.

    Totally up to you whether you follow my (or anyone's) advice, but hey you asked, I answered I hope your lobes are settled and happy soon.
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    I'm still wearing my acrylic as I'm only wearing them while stretching, I used vaseline over about 5 days and the chapped lobe went away. I've been using Bepanthen on them (after my tattooist said she used it on hers) and Norwegian Formula concentrated unscented hand cream but I'm looking into buying some natural oils in the future.
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    Acrylic is pretty much the worst thing you can possibly wear whilst stretching but it's up to you what advice you want to take.

    Hope they don't get messed up! If you want some pretty 10mm stuff I'm selling quite a few pairs.
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