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Thread: Taking out my tongue piercing

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    Default Taking out my tongue piercing

    I got my tongue pierced about 5 days ago. I want to take it out. Is it to soon or is it safe to do this? If I take it out will there be any problems with the healing? How long will it take to heal completely? :? Please help me...I don't know what I was thinking but if my parents find out that I pierced my tongue they will kill me

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    hey youd be best keeping it in as the healing time may not be much shorter. with the bar in it acts as a drain an helps any dirscharge move away from the wound. if uve lasted 5 days itll only be another week before it is changeable to a smaller bar. so perservere with it its well worth it in the end!

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    but if you do wish to remove it then its fine to take out and it will close in about 20 mins with no problems... Did you pierce it yourself?

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