So in April I think it was I got my lip pierced. I left the long labret in for 6 or so weeks I think and then went back to get it changed to a shorter one. When he started to change it it started to hurt a little and bleed so he said to wait another month or so then come back. He also gave me the bar he was going to use and said not to lose it. Tonight I decided to just do it myself because they aren't open until next weekend and it has been bugging me. I got it in and out pretty easily. It sort of hurt a tiny tiny bit screwing the stud on. Now the bar seems tight and it doesn't look like I have an antenna when I smile or laugh. The stud is sort of more like in my lip now, not fully but a tiny bit. I am not really sure if that is normal? I mean it isn't hitting my teeth/gums much at all now which is great. I am just a really paranoid person and was wondering if this description sounds proper.