I've always wanted snakebites and I've had a Labret and side lip piercing in the past so I thought why not give it a try now seeing as it's been so long since I've had any piercings in that area!

I got it done and it swelled like a mother ducker.
I'm talking pete burns style swelling.
My lips are quite full so I don't think that helped things.
By day 7 they were still mega swollen, the bars were cutting in on the insides of my lip and they would just randomly bleed from the front.
The right one was also irritating a sensitive tooth which I should of learnt from last time.

Another detail that contributed to my decision to take them out was that they were very slightly uneven.
I'm talking miniscule but it bugged me and i'm really obsessive about things being symmetrical (I've had all my ear piercings re done because they were a centimeter out of place!)

So yeah.. I don't regret it, anyone else taken a piercing out that quickly for similar reasons?