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Thread: Septum piercing stings SO MUCH on one it infected?

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    Default Septum piercing stings SO MUCH on one it infected?

    My septum piercing is about 4 weeks old,I've been cleaning it twice a day everyday until about 2 weeks ago when I began only cleaning it when I felt I had to (once or twice every few days) Tbh I basically stopped cleaning it because it hurt to tip my head to do a sea salt soak,also I couldn't find a good container to use so I would always end up getting water everywhere because anything I used had to be tipped at an angle to fit my nose in.
    A few days ago I started cleaning it again because I felt it was getting a bit uncomfortable and was due a clean, I dread doing the SSS cause my head aches so much but I know it has to be done.
    My problem is that the right side of my piercing stings whenever the jewelry moves,or if i bump the middle part of my nose,or make a certain facial expression.
    It stings so much,it's unbearable.My eyes immediately tear up and I want to scream.I keep looking to see if there are any crusties but there's nothing there,the only thing that makes it stop stinging when it's disturbed is a SSS but that only seems to stop the pain from happening for a couple of hours.
    I really don't know what to do.
    I don't want to go back to where I got it pierced because I'd have to go alone and I have really bad social anxiety + I've just started getting really bad headaches(different ones that are not because of the piercing) so I don't want to travel far feeling like this.
    If I go to a doctor I guarantee they'll just tell me to take it out..which I really don't want to do because I like how it looks and surely then it'll close up? or just be open to germs and stuff...
    The right side (the side that stings) looks pretty much the same as the left side except half of the right side around the piercing hole is slightly white, I'm not too worried about that though because they both looked like that until recently when the left just looked normal.

    Is it infected or could there be another explanation?

    19 year old girl who is quite new to the piercing world..but eager to have more
    Yet to step into the tattoo world.
    3 lobe piercings/left ear,1 lobe piercing/right ear,
    proud owner of a septum piercing

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    Is there pus? Foul odour? Hot to the touch? These are the signs of a true infection, which (you'll be pleased to know) are really very rare in piercings. It certainly doesn't sound like an infection from what you've descrobed. =)
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    Mine is only a week old but it has stung like that too. I don't think it's infected unless you have discolored puss coming out or if it is very red and hot to the touch. I'd try to litha as much as possible. That usually helps me with any irritated piercings. Emu oil has helped tremendously with the stinging for me.

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    It doesn't sound like infection to me. I've had my septum pierced for a good 6 months and mine dying for a few weeks as well. It's a hassle but keep doing saline soaks. You can always use a qtip to rub it on, it's a bit easier. Your piercing is still healing at 4 weeks so make sure not to touch it

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