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Thread: My Septum Experience

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    Red face My Septum Experience

    I went to a piercer while I was on a vacation. He took a look at my nose and told me that it would be a waste of my money to have my septum pierced and I have too much cartilage in my nose for it to heal comfortably. I was crushed. After a few more weeks I went to a different piercer in the same area to try and get it done. I told him about what the other piercer said and he told me we can go in and see if it can be done. He clamped me up and we were all ready to go, but I felt like the clamp was on my cartilage. He tried to readjust it a few times, but it still felt like it was on my cartilage. I did not want to go through the cartilage, so I cut my losses and left. After another month I still couldn't shake the feeling that I had enough room to get this done properly through the sweet spot, so I went to a local piercer to see what he said.

    I am SO glad I did! He told me I have the perfect nose for it. I was really nervous to get the piercing done as it is my first facial piercing and I have heard that either the septum hurts like all hell or it goes through like butter. There was a bit of a wait to get pierced, but soon enough my jewelry was being sterilized and it was my turn. My piercer had me sit up and told me to stay very still. He cleaned out my nose with iodine and rubbing alcohol and marked my spot. Within 15 seconds the piercing was done and jewelry was in. I have to say, the pain was intense. It was a sharp pain mixed with pressure and a little tug. I think the idea of a needle in that spot made it feel more intense to me. It wasn't too bad though overall. I'd say a 6 out of 10 on piercing pain scale. I did bleed a bit, but I usually do with my piercings.

    I decided to go with an anodized gold titanium retainer since I will have to hide my piercing most of the time. I thought it would be uncomfortable or I would be able to feel it, but no, I feel nothing in there! Unless I pinch my nostrils together, I cant feel it. So now I am on day 4 of the piercing. The day I got it done (9/1) it didn't hurt at all, 2nd day and 3rd day was the worst. Now I feel like the crusties and blood have dried and it is keeping the flipped up septum from not moving. My nose is tender to the touch, especially that underneath bridge. I am still pretty swollen at the site of the piercing hole, but the tip of my nose and upper lip have stopped swelling. It felt weird for the first few days, like there was an awareness of that area, but that is starting to go away.

    Anyways, thanks for tuning in. I will update again soon!
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    Congrats on getting your septum done, any chance of a pic?
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    Red face Update week 1

    I'm on night 6 of my septum piercing. The 4th day my piercing and the surrounding area got sore, but that was due to kissing my boyfriend and smushing my nose a bit. Day 5 went pretty well and now at day 6 I have no pain. Even when I scrunch up my nose I feel no pain. The hole has developed crusties on either side which seem to be helping it heal. I have been cleaning my nose out everyday and blowing my nose every morning. When blowing I just pinch below to avoid hitting the piercing spot. I have been doing salt soaks as needed and have been applying 100% fully refined emu oil to the piercing hole. The emu oil is really soothing and helps to lubricate the dried up area. My nose is a bit dry overall and there is an awareness of the septum hole due to all the crusties but so far this has been a pretty easy piercing aside from the swelling and tenderness the first 2 days.

    Ill try and get a pic up once I can flip my retainer back down.

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    Looks lovely, well done!
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    I am on day 8 of my septum piercing and all is well. I have been able to blow my nose in the shower and clean up with q-tips. My retainer is SO comfortable up in my nose, I don't even know it is there. I did flip my retainer down yesterday after a sea salt soak in order to clean the jewelry. The jewelry is more comfortable when it is tucked up in my nose, but both ways feel fine. I am still loving the look the of the piercing, even just the retainer. I went to my piercer yesterday and ordered an 18kt rose gold circular barbell 5/16". I cannot wait to be healed and have that beauty in there.

    I have to say almost everyone I have told about this piercing (only 4 people) thinks it isn't an attractive one/it's crazy, so be forewarned that you will get flack for it, but also DGAF. I love the look and love that it is so easily hidden.

    As I type this out I do have a bit of stinging on top of my piercing hole (dried out tender skin). Back to LITHA and soaks for the next few weeks.

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    Looks lovely, well done!
    Thank you Hazel!
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    Day 11 with my septum:

    Things feel pretty good around the site of the piercing. There is a dry spot now at the tippy tip of my nose that is stinging like heck when I touch/clean it with a q-tip, but I am hoping that goes away soon. I would get that even before my septum piercing so I am not too worried. I have flipped it down once more since I last logged in. I can't help but want to see it flipped down! I also can't wait until my jewelry gets in and I get to change it out. wooo! Can't wait to adorn my septum in rose goldddddd.
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    I am officially 2 weeks into my septum piercing. Things are healing well. I can rummage around in my nose to clean it with freshly washed hands with no problems. I also can flip my retainer up and down a few times a day after a sea salt soak, but I try not to. All in all this piercing has been a breeze to heal with only a slight bit of discomfort in the first 3-4 days. If you are on the fence about this piercing, I say go for it! It can so easily be hidden and is quite a quick healer. I feel like I am half way healed already (even though I am far from it).
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    Looks awesome on you. I really want this doing
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    I am officially 3 weeks into my septum piercing and all is healing well. I can easily flip the piercing up and down, especially after a shower. I try not to flip it around because I still want to give it another week or 2 to keep healing. Emu oil has been my best friend for lubing up the piercing and keeping it from drying out. I highly recommend 100% pure emu oil for healing and keeping moisturized. (This stuff works great on dried elbows/cracked skin too.)

    I just purchased an Industrial Strength Titanium Odyssey clicker and I am in love. I can't actually put the jewelry in yet because I am not healed, but I have put it in my nose to see how it will look and I love it. It is so shiny and blingy, but still very dainty. I went with the 16g 1/4" and I think it will fit perfectly snug and flush up against my nose. Can't wait to actually get some real jewelry in. Once I get my rose gold CBB in, I will have my piercer change it out to that and take pics.

    Honestly, after the 2, 2.5 week mark I found that I could play around with my septum (with freshly clean/washed hands) with no pain and little to no irritation. It is best to leave it be as much as you can, but a new piercing usually means we obsess over it and want to look at it all day in the mirror; I found that a few flips after the 2 week mark hasn't delayed my healing. Happy healing to all other septum friends.

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    Looks awesome on you. I really want this doing
    Thank you! I am loving it.
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    Your septum piercing looks great When I got mine pierced my left eye teared up!

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