Hello, all. Tonight I was eating dinner, and I seem to had caught my tongue bar (still the initial 7/8inch) on my food, and it pulled. I felt a bit more pain than the other time that this had happened, and now the piercing seems red. I'm pretty sure it's just from the initial pull, but my tongue has been a but uncomfortable since then, which was about 6 hours ago. It just feels like a slight sting/tear to me. When I try to look at it up close, I THINK I see that the hole has gotten a bit bigger from the last time I took a close look, but it may just be my imagination. Looking at the base of the top hole, my tongue looks a bit red and irritated (though the coloring has gone down in the past 6 hours). I'm hoping that I didn't pull enough for it to have any issues, other than the slight soreness I'm having, such as rejection? I know it's extremely rare for a tongue piercing to reject, but mine is pierced at a VERY deep angle, the top being very far back, and the bottom ball coming out close to the tip of my tongue. I realize it's a very small and hardly noticeable red area. I'm just very paranoid about all of my piercings (especially this one being pierced so shallow).

tl;dr I'm afraid that when I pulled my barbell while eating, I may have caused irritation or a possible higher chance of rejection for my tongue piercing.

Picture URLs below. The photos are rather large, so I figured it might be better to leave them as URLs.