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Thread: Where can I buy a septum clicker in the uk? either online or in store.

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    Default Where can I buy a septum clicker in the uk? either online or in store.

    Recently I've started to think that I don't actually know how to use the internet because I'll spend all day looking for something, eventually I'll give up, then I ask you guys on here and somehow you all know where to find whatever I'm looking for!
    So..please help me again
    I cannot for the life of me find out where to buy septum clickers in the UK. I stumbled across industrial strength's UK facebook page and sent them a message asking if they could let me know where I could find their clickers near me, but other than that I haven't found anything.
    Obviously I'm willing to physically enter a shop but I much prefer to shop online - it gives me a lot more time to browse and decide if I definitely want to buy something,otherwise I tend to leave a shop with either nothing;because I didn't want to make an impulse decision,or too much;because I didn't want to over think it.

    It'll be a while before I can change my jewelry since I only got my piercing yesterday but that doesn't mean I can't build a small collection of shiny things to put in my nose once it's healed
    Seriously...I'm really really excited about the thought of changing my jewelry

    19 year old girl who is quite new to the piercing world..but eager to have more
    Yet to step into the tattoo world.
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    There's only 1 place online in the UK that sell IS clickers and it's Serenity Jewellery and they only have a few options. Other than that there's some places that sell cheap clickers jobananas, wildcat etc. My piercer even sells cheap ones and will send them out. You can also look on selling groups like the one in my signature.

    If you're wanting high end US jewellery you'll have to order from the states preferably through bodyartforms.
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    Yeah, BAF have the cheaper Clicker's and the IS ones. Both options have plain or gems at least. I'd try a cheap one first (so you can try the style to see if it suits you). And you'll want to get 14g (that way if you want to stretch later you only have to get a Clicker Adapter, or use an earskin I suppose).
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    I'm lucky since my piercer uses IS, which means most of my stuff is IS, if you want to browse online then BAF is the way to go! I could spend hours on there!
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    I got mine off of amazon, it was of the cheaper variety but I only wear it occasionally
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    I just tapped 'septum clicker' into ebay and came up with about 200 results.
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