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Thread: So why are opinions so split down the middle with septum piercings?

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    Default So why are opinions so split down the middle with septum piercings?

    I recently got a septum piercing that I've actually wanted for years and I'm so happy but for all those years that I wanted it, whoever I told said they're disgusting and will make me look ugly. Only one person has ever told me it'd suit me and only one person has ever told me it actually looks nice..
    I've kinda noticed that septum piercings divide opinions straight down the middle,you either love them or hate them,which is fine as everyone is entitled to their opinions..but I've found myself running into more people that hate them.
    I'm just wondering if you are one of those people who hates them then why is it that? Cause most people just say "they're so ugly" or "it'll make you look like a bull" and I'm sorry that bull thing isn't even funny anymore..tbh it never's just really rude -.-
    But yeah why don't you like them? I'm genuinely curious.
    I know why I love them,and that's because they're subtle enough that they aren't grabbing loads of attention but they're different enough that they stand out more than a nostril piercing or ear piercing. They're just super cute

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    Yet to step into the tattoo world.
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    I love them, I've had mine a couple of years now and got it pretty much as soon as I realized I could get it and flip it up straight away. Where I used to work they were so straight laced I know they would've been horrified, and my family aren't too keen either although my husband likes it. I to used to get the bull thing all the time, which really used to annoy me as one of the main reasons I got it was because I didn't like my nose so I wanted to decorate it (it's a theory I have to improve things about my body I don't like - hence nipple piercings before my BA). People can be so rude and they don't even entertain the idea that you don't want their opinion.

    I'd love a segment ring in it but I really can't get the hang of putting them in, but I also love really teeny horseshoe rings so cute! As to why people's opinions are so marmite? I dunno, although I think they're gaining in popularity (but that might just be because I've got one so I think you notice other's more) they're pretty unusual still and some people don't like that. Or maybe it's that it hasn't been a trend so far (like nostrils and eyebrows etc. have by me) correct me if anyone thinks they have.
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    I never liked septum piercings up until a few years ago. I think it was because from all the pictures in tattoo magazines of septum piercings I had seen everyone seemed to just have a huge CBR in. It was the early 90's... Well I didn't like the look of a huge CBR in a septum, and I didn't realise there were other jewellery options (maybe there weren't), so I just didn't like them.

    Then I joined this forum and another one and read through septum threads and anything else there was, and once I realised all the different jewellery options and stretching potential (the more I read really) the more I wanted one.

    Maybe those that dislike them do picture a huge CBR in initially, and don't find that aesthetically pleasing, just like I didn't, so tend to not like them at all. I'm guessing if they're not "into" piercings beyond lobe or helix or similar then they won't know about the jewellery possibilities either.
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    I Would love to get my Septum pierced but wife is on the hate side, guess which I love more.
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    It's life, people will have opinions. You either let them bother you or you don't
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    Hazel pretty much summed it up. I get my piercings (including septum) done because I want them, doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks. Its your body!
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