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Thread: Navel piercing rejecting, migrating or healing?

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    Exclamation Navel piercing rejecting, migrating or healing?

    i got my belly button pierced a week ago and things are going good. I clean it with antibacterial soap when i shower and i use H2O Ocean Aftercare Spray to clean it (3-6 times a day). But now i noticed that my top hole is red but only in the middle of my 2 holes and i also noticed that its peeling and looks red. Almost as if i have a cut and you see red skin. What does this mean? It doesn't hurt when i move the barbell but yellowish puse comes out. Also it looks (im not sure) that my top hole is getting bigger but then again it might be becuase its red and peeling. I don't know if its rejecting or infected or if its healing.

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    You're way overcleaning it. The salt is probably drying your skin right out, causing the redness and flaking. If you do use salt solution/saline/SSS/H2Ocean you should always rinse with clean plain water afterwards to remove the salt.

    A new piercing only needs cleaning once or twice a day. Rinse it in the shower and otherwise leave it alone.
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    Ok then. Thank you. I was starting to get a little freaked out, but I'm more calm now.

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    Yeah, you're over cleaning it. I used to always get infections and wouldn't take piercings well until I tried the SSS and the LITHA method. I find just salt soaks with the proper measurements and water plus leaving it alone at all costs really helps thing move along. Just kind of forget that the piercing is there and try not to sleep on your belly for the first month or two. Happy healing and remember DON'T TOUCH! If you MUST MUST fiddle with it, wash your hands really well before (like doctor scrub down). I only soak or use h2ocean once or twice a day tops for the first 2-3 weeks, then I just soak when it feels tender.

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