So I had a few changes recently, decided to give up on my helix piercing once and for all after about two years with no jewellery changes.
It had a horrible bump on the back which made the whole piercing drop so the bar sat diagonally - beyond fixing so got it taken out and the bump has already gone down.

After doing this my ear looked very bare so I went in to get my tragus pierced. First of all the got the ring taken out of my conch - I think it was changed too early so went from a bump free conch to a very swollen conch which was tender to sleep on which is a shame as it was beautiful before!
Now changing the jewellery was painful and bloody and my piercer put in a slightly longer labret to allow for the swelling. With a straight bar in it looks like it has dropped very slightly at the back but that may just be the swelling and it almost looked like the skin was trying to grow back over the curve of the ring. I have been taking ibuprofen to help with that.

After this I got my tragus pierced which was less painful than my jewellery change! I had heard some horror stories about tragus piercings and how painful they can be but I think it was probably one of my least painful piercings. Despite how little pain there was I still managed to pass out afterwards - it happens every time with me.

So far there has been no redness, no swelling and no pain from the tragus piercing a day later which is surprising. I am going for a LITHA approach and just gently rinsing it in the shower rather than poking it about with cotton buds.