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Thread: Help Prevenging RPA curved bar from moving

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    Default Help Prevenging RPA curved bar from moving

    I have a 1 inch curved bar for my RPA that is 14 gauge. I was just wishing to know what would be the best bet on getting it to steady in place. I can reduce the bar size slightly, make the urethra ball bigger (It's already quite large) so it doesn't go into the urethra. I was mainly curious on if decreasing the gauge will help it stay in place long term or just until the hole gets use to the size.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

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    Any thinner than 14g and you risk the cheesewire effect.
    what's a few seconds of pain for a lifetime of shiny?

    Both lobes 1/2", 5mm, 1.6mm
    Left rook & 5mm helix punch
    Right helix x2 & forward helix
    VCH, 5mm tongue

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