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Thread: VCH and bladder issues

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    Default VCH and bladder issues

    I used to have a VCH piercing and absolutely loved it, it made me feel so sexy and as a girl recovering from an eating disorder that's pretty awesome. I took it out for diagnostic surgery and just never put it back. Now I'd love to get it re-done. My only issue is I have an overactive bladder and urge incontinence, so do have some bladder leakage. Would that interfere in any way? I do get dermatitis from urine burns from time to time but never in that particular area. It was such a dream to heal the first time I'd like it to be the same again.

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    I have interstitial cystitis, which is the bladder constantly behaving like it has an infection. I have two HCHs and have experienced all of the symptoms you have, the best thing to do is maybe get in contact with your piercer before hand if you really aren't sure but I have had no problems
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    I'm not a nurse or a piercer obviously, but my 2 cents based off all the research I've done on this piercing (including reading the Piercing Bible's section on women's genital piercings and her blog) I think it would be fine! I specifically remember reading in the PB is that your OWN urine is not a hazard to the piercing. Obviously you want to keep up good hygeine, but your piercing coming into contact with your own urine itself should be fine. It also mentioned how your own urine has been one of the first antiseptics known and used by man. It's only a hazard when it sits and begins to collect bacteria.

    So you'll probably have to be more on top of cleaning your piercing but ~I think~ it would be ok. Obviously ask an expert piercer or your doctor!

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    I have been told by my piercer that your own urine is absolutely fine, I also have bladder issues, but I don't wee the 'normal' way generally (I have a Mitrofanoff which is a continent mechanism urinary diversion made from small intestine) unless I wee myself if I have a UTI or something, then again not too too sure if infected urine would be good for the piercing(???) I guess not, thankfully I don't get UTI's much now. Just had my VCH done on Friday /rambling

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    Just keep it clean as you would normally and be aware if you wear pantyliners etc during healing that you may want to change them more often. Yes your own urine is sterile but not once it leaves the body! Good luck with it

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