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Thread: Stretched lip piercing??

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    Default Stretched lip piercing??

    Basically i didnt wear a lip bar or ring for ages.. i usually pop one through every now and again so it didnt close over. I always kept it open with a 1.2mm.. Bought a 1.6 on here as i wanted to wear it again as my job doesnt mind. It took me aged to get it through but eventually i got there!! Now it just hurts so much!! it was fine at the time :(.. And its now really red around the hole :(.. Any advice? x

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    Downsize to 1.2mm and baby it.
    what's a few seconds of pain for a lifetime of shiny?

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    Have you still got a 1.2mm bar? Like kitebunny sais you need to downsize it. Try sea salt soaks to sooth the irritation, as by putting in a bar that's too big you would have scratched the inside of the whole. The most likely reason it hurt so much to put the 1.6mm bar in is that your skin wasn't used to wearing the smaller size consistently, and didn't have time to get used to it and loosen up.

    Once you have looked after your piercing until it no longer shows any signs of irritation it is perfectly fine to give the 1.6mm bar another go, as the hole would likely has gotten used to having something keeping it open. Don't force the bar in though, if it feels like it would hurt you need to wait until its ready. Hope it works out for you, I love lip piercings
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