I have a ten month old tragus piercing that's just been difficult from the start, and now I'm starting to wonder whether it's never going to improve and I just need to stop wasting time and effort on it.

About two months in, after the worst of the swelling had gone down, there was a bump. From reading this forum, I expected that. I did all the obvious things (titanium jewellery, SSS, etc) but there was never any improvement. In fact, I've been stuck in a 2-3 week cycle where the bump increases in size and gets redder and more tender until the slightest touch causes it to bleed. After the bleeding stage is over, it shrinks and dries up slightly, before the bumps starts to get bigger and the cycle starts again. It's been like this for over six months.

i decided to treat it as a staph infection and got Fucidin cream, but even that hasn't had much effect. Tried LITHA, but if anything that makes things worse.

I keep telling myself that it just HAS to heal eventually, and with patience and time it will. Then I got a rook piercing, which has been a piece of cake in comparison, so it's making me think that whatever's wrong with this tragus - be it a chronic staph infection or something else - might not, actually, resolve itself after all.

I don't want to take it out, I really like the piercing and I've spent so much time on it already, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts or advice?