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Thread: H2Ocean and a new tongue piercing...

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    Default H2Ocean and a new tongue piercing...


    I am planning on getting my tongue pierced this Sunday (because I am off work on Monday so I'm hoping I won't have a lisp come Tuesday). I am looking at H2Ocean mouthwash, and I was wondering if this is a good product for aiding the healing process? My piercings tend to get angry, even with proper care, so I want to get the best product I can.

    What are the best things to eat so I don't irritate it too much? I've read that anything with too much salt/citrus/spice is not good to eat for the first week or two after. Are smoothies ok? And soup- though most have a lot of salt in them!

    Is it ok to brush the tongue while it is healing? What about flossing? Do I need a soft toothbrush?

    I have so many questions! I love having piercings, but my body doesn't seem to, so I have to do everything right because this is the one piercing I've always wanted! I'm so excited!

    Thank you for any advice you can offer!

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    Don't bother with special anything. All you need is water and sea salt (saline) or non alcohol mouthwash.

    Buy a new toothbrush and if you can take ibuprofen then get some of the meltlets you melt on the tongue.

    With food you're right, avoid salty things like crisps (chips in the US), anything acidic like vinegar/dressing, spicy food etc. Many find chocolate irritates it too. Smoothies should be fine, soup is fine, most food is fine just take it easy and don't fall into the trap of not being able to eat solid food for 2 weeks like some!

    Maintain good oral hygiene. Brush as normal, avoid brushing the piercing directly. Rinse with plain water after eating, drinking and smoking. Use non alcohol mouthwash or saline after brushing.

    Keep well hydrated, lots of ice cold water, ice cubes, ice lollies, ice cream will help also with the swelling. Have an extra pillow at night to elevate your head. Make sure you're pierced with titanium and get it downsized 7-10 days after and again another week or so after that if needed.
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