I am planning on getting my tongue pierced this Sunday (because I am off work on Monday so I'm hoping I won't have a lisp come Tuesday). I am looking at H2Ocean mouthwash, and I was wondering if this is a good product for aiding the healing process? My piercings tend to get angry, even with proper care, so I want to get the best product I can.

What are the best things to eat so I don't irritate it too much? I've read that anything with too much salt/citrus/spice is not good to eat for the first week or two after. Are smoothies ok? And soup- though most have a lot of salt in them!

Is it ok to brush the tongue while it is healing? What about flossing? Do I need a soft toothbrush?

I have so many questions! I love having piercings, but my body doesn't seem to, so I have to do everything right because this is the one piercing I've always wanted! I'm so excited!

Thank you for any advice you can offer!