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Thread: Should there be laws against minors stretching their ears?

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    I think (as a few others have said) education with the tapers in the packet or on the wrapper would be good. When I was at school stretching was what the lads did because they couldn't get facial piercings or tattoos, I know some people who have stretched bigger as they got older and I know some people who have taken them out and they've pretty much gone back to normal. I didn't stretch until last year so I was 24. It really hurt, which I now know is a big no no - but what can I say? I thought I did it right at the time so it's not just 16 year olds who are dumb lol! As for age restrictions well I think like all body mods they're a journey and an experience so let them have their fun. I remember at school guys used to pass their tapers on when they'd finished *shudders* and use random stuff like corks from the science lab to stretch up. They all said it hurt and the faster you stretched the cooler you were - I'm not saying it's responsible by any means but I have to say no one had particularly horrible results.
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    This is a hard subject. However a few stretching pet peeves of mine is how some 16-17yr olds stretching who are too immature to know better try stretching and fail. They mostly seem to think it's a cool in fashion thing to do this. Without any idea of doing it properly or thinking hey in a few years I'll probably not want this anymore.
    I'm 30 now and started stretching about 5 year ago.

    I did the whole research whole fake plugs wearing and after a few year decided to try. I admit I failed at first too but I babied my ear and retried a good few month after.

    I see a young lass I know wearing a acrylic taper as jewelry I dunno how she managed to get to a 5mm right away. In the end she lost the taper. Then gave up bothering.

    I like the idea of instructions yet how many young ens will read it?...

    personally i think a good idea maybe is don't sell tapers etc to under certain ages.
    Only let good studios do it for them. At least they will have it done properly and get information from a professional

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    I recently found out that a cousin aged 18 cant reduce their ear lobes below 2mm, they stretched it when they were 13-14.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiercedPixie View Post
    I remember at school guys used to pass their tapers on when they'd finished *shudders* and use random stuff like corks from the science lab to stretch up.
    We had a few in H.S. who used pencils!
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    Dat story. xDD I went through the same thing...skipping sizes and whatnot. Went from 16G, 12G, 8G, 6G, 2G, then 00G. I don't even think, I just shove it in. Yes, twas stupid. But surprisingly, my ears are perfectly fine.

    And, yes. Agree with the comment above. I wonder how people would stretch their ears...O.O
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