... and now I'm a little hurt.

I know not everyone is a fan of tribal style tats, but I've always thought they were really cool if someone took the time to have one custom done. I've been wanting to get one on my upper arm that wraps down around my right shoulder blade. I've been working for over 2 years designing it, throwing it out, redesigning it, tossing it again, and I've FINALLY come up with a design I'm happy with. I was super excited and then one of my 'friends' went on and on about how unoriginal people think tribal tattoos are and how they, "don't mean anything." He just kept it up saying that a lot of tattoo artists make fun of tribal tats. I don't usually care what others think, but this design was really special to me and I've put so much work into it and suddenly it feels run of the mill.

So I went online to see if all this was true, and it kinda seems it is. I had no idea there was THIS much hate on tribal tats. Most of the comments seem unfair. People claiming that they don't mean anything and they're just lines. :/ So I was wondering what other people have to say about tribal designs and if you have some can I see?