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Thread: Male Nipples (Insert expletive of your choice)

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    Default Male Nipples (Insert expletive of your choice)

    Well after a while looking at this forum I decided I really wanted my nipples pierced but read a lot about how much it hurts and how it hurts men more I finally got up the courage and went to a Local piercers who were recommended to me (Hedonism in Stoke on Trent) they only do piercing nothing else so felt confident.

    They wouldn't pierce me at my first visit as I have to take immune suppressing drugs due to having a rare disease called Dermatomyositis but said they would if my doctor felt it was ok. I had to actually make an appointment to see the doctor as the secretary (who is a real battle-axe) said no way would they do me a letter for legal reasons but the doctor said it was fine and had his secretary write me one up. I just need to keep a close eye out for signs of infection I should heal ok but maybe a little slower.

    So 8 days later I returned to get my piercings and after paying for them and doing the paperwork I made my way upstairs to the waiting room. I didn't have to wait long maybe two or three minutes as the girl in front was in and out in a flash! So I go in and the girl doing my piercings is called Kelly she asked me to lie down on the couch and take my top off and explained the procedure.

    After wiping my nipples and marking them she asked me to check in the mirror and I gave her the ok to proceed she clamped my left and went ahead and holy smoke did it hurt it was almost like being pierced twice a very sharp pain on entry and another a second later on exit it was 9/10 pain I didn't scream but I said "Ouchy" quite loud! The right nipple was almost an exact repeat and I have to say I think was about the same on the pain scale.

    She asked me to take a minute to relax but really I had no say I was close to fainting and felt very woozy she kept talking to me and offered me a drink (I had a can of red bull in my pocket which id brought in case I felt faint so I drank that). I took about ten minutes to pass and I felt bad because I knew there was another person waiting but she didn't let me go till was properly ok and understood all the aftercare instructions.

    I went for coffee and lunch before driving home just to be on the safe side. I really like them although they are quite swollen at the moment I have done a saline soak twice now and was expecting it to sting but it didn't. I do run quite a bit so I'm a bit concerned about them getting sore while doing this and wondering if maybe a should put a dressing on first?

    Here's a Pic!

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    They look good! I know for mine (it might differ because i am a girl!) a big issue is friction against tshirts, maybe try a snug undershirt/vest whilst running to minimise friction?

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    Very nice! Great to see someone else with the ol' diagonal nipple piercing. I also felt pretty woozy the first time I had it pierced and would probably have passed out on the way home had I not been spotted by some friends who dragged me into the pub to recover.

    As SleepHollow said, an undershirt/vest would probably be better than a direct dressing. =)
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    They look grand, well done!
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    Well done on the nipple piercings. Look great.

    I got my left nipple pierced about 7 years ago and it was my first piercing. I was SO scared I walked past the piercing place about 5 times. I found the wait worse than the actual piercing. Maybe helped that the girl doing the piercing was really fit! She asked me if the piercing was for my girlfriend and I felt a bit crap when I said no as I was single and that I just wanted a nipple ring.

    I found the first couple of days worse than the actual piercing.

    Side effect of note - met a few girls who didn't like my piercing but current gf loves it. So I got the other nipple pierved and she got her nose pierced as I think they look so sexy.

    Both of us happy.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone I could tell when i showed my wife she wasn't quite sure but something must of clicked because she spent the whole night looking at piercings on the the w3 last night!

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    Nine days in and the healing is going really well i couldn't relax the first week in bed well enough to get any meaningful sleep but have been better last couple of nights. Im doing sss twice a day there has been no discharge whatsoever just a little blood the first couple of days. Also only took 4 days to get back to running which i was very happy about!

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