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Thread: Triple Forward Helix!! Having some problems

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    Default Triple Forward Helix!! Having some problems

    I've had my triple forward helix for probably about 6 months now.
    I tried to change the jewellery myself with some bioplast piercings I bought from BJS… However, I managed to get the top one out and the other two I couldn't do and stupidly I have irritated my ear my messing with them….
    So I now have my regular titanium barbels back in but I've always had issues with trying to get them clean as I have really small ears… Any advice?? I've normally use boiled water with sea salt and used various things like cotton pads and swabs to get in there as well as using eggcup/shot glasses…. Its ended up me wearing my hair down all the time because I think it looks gross
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    At 6 months they're probably not healed enough to change if you got all three at once, so no wonder they're angry. Leave them alone for now and get a piercer to change them for the first time. Most piercers will do it for free or for a very small fee.

    As for cleaning, I know they look dirty but just running water over them in the shower is enough to clean them at this point. Think of the crust on them as a scab, it'll fall off when your piercing is healed. If it really bothers you, submerge your whole ear in a cup of warm sea salt then use a cotton bud to wipe the crust off. If it won't come off don't force it, you'll irritate the piercing and cause it to make more crust.

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    My forward helix is 7 months old now and I only used saline solution to clean it for 2 months. Just rinse it whilst you're in the shower and that should be enough to clean it, anything else will irritate it.

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    I have a double forward helix that I've had for about a year now. I won't change them myself at all. It's just a really tight place and hard for someone to get to themselves. I agree with the other folks. First, it's too early to change them for anything other than proper starting jewelry, second with it being a forward helix I'd always have your piercer do it. They have a better angle, can see what they are doing, and have the proper tools to do it with minimal irritation to the piercing. Good luck to you.


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