Today i got my rook pierced. I was really nervous about this piercing despite my various other cartilage piercings (tragus x 2, industrial, helix, lobes x 6) The initial process was fine. It was probably the least painful piercing I have had (apart from lobes). After the piercing was done, it was slightly uncomfortable but no throbbing or extensive pain.

I got the piercing In Wagga, NSW, Australia at a place called Modern Primitive. The piercer had 18 years experience and I am very happy with his work. (He also pierced my nose prior to today) The piercer used a bio flex bar for the initial piercing so I'm hopping this helps prevent hypertrophic scaring also.

I was very reluctant to get this piercing as I have had problems with hypertrophic scaring in the past ( both tragus piercings) and I was overall just worried it would be a waste of money, however I am feeling oddly optimistic due to the minimal pain and apparent swelling at this stage. Hopefully it will heal relatively well like my helix and industrial did.

I was given a solution to clean it with and an antibacterial soap to wash it in the shower with. As I didn't want to annoy it I have just q tipped some of the solution softly around the site of entry and exit. I have used salt soaks in the past which is probably what I'll end up doing however I am reluctant to at this stage because it actually seemed to annoy my hypertrophic scars and piercing in general (yes I used the correct ratio of salt and water as stated on this site) Otherwise it may mostly be LITHA

hopefully it heals well with little hiccups

ps. It's still a but bloody I'm trying not to irritate it with rigorous cleaning and moving of the jewellery.