Today I got pierced at Holier Than Thou and had a great experience. I wanted to get my eyebrow and lobes at 6mm, but they didn't have any 6mm needles or jewellery so I decided to get my rook done instead. I had my eyebrow pierced before in July 2012 and it healed perfectly but then a stupid hairdresser snagged it so it ended up rejecting. I've really missed my eyebrow piercing so I was really excited to get it re-done. Bex had a feel of my eyebrow to check for scar tissue and said there was some weaker skin from where it had rejected, so decided to position it slightly differently to my last eyebrow piercing to reduce the chances of it rejecting again. I felt a pinch when the needle went through and it hurt a bit afterwards, but it feels fine now and only hurts when I blink hard. Luckily, this time my eyebrow has a curved barbell in it rather than a straight one. Next, she did the rook, which was very painful but that feels fine now too. And I got a student discount, which was pretty awesome. I'm going to do a salt soak soon and get all the dried blood off my rook.

Sorry they're such massive pictures. :L