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Thread: Tongue piercing bleeding after 8 months?

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    Default Tongue piercing bleeding after 8 months?

    Hey guys here I am again.

    So, now it's been eight months since I've gotten my tongue piercing and I haven't really had any more problems. Sometimes it aches for a couple of hours, but I figure that's from playing with it too much, since it only happens about once a month or so.

    But now I've been having pain in my tongue for a week or so, and it's kinda starting to worry me. It doesn't hurt when my tongue is just lying in my mouth, but whenever I eat or talk it feels like I'm pushing really hard on a sore bruise or something.

    I've been searching around on Google some, but the only case that seemed most like mine was because the girl had plague on her barbell. So I took mine out, thinking that mine might have plaque on it too (since I only have one barbell that truly fits and I've had the same one in for 7 months), but that wasn't the case.

    It did really hurt when I tried to take it out, which it did not a month ago, and I saw some blood coming out of the top and bottom of the piercing hole. Then, seeing as it still hurt, I started poking around a bit and found that the blood vessel on the bottom of my tongue might be a bit swollen and it's definitely them (and because of them) that's been hurting so much, but only the bits next to the hole. Also, the dent on the top hurts when I push it.

    Anyone know what it is, what to do? I am willing to takke my piercing out and let it close, but obviously I'd rather not.
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    Honestly, you'd be better off seeing a good piercer who can assess you in person.

    Does the jewellery fit well and is it high quality?
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    I have 2 tongue piercings, one in front of the other, and the back one is finicky despite it being a year old (the front one is 2 years old but has never given me any trouble). Is your tongue piercing itself further back on your tongue? I'm not a professional piercer so I can't really give advice but I can tell you it sounds like what happens to me from time to time. Randomly (maybe once every couple months?) the back piercing gets a little swollen and painful. If I press down on it, it feels hard and hurts a lot- sometimes a little pus (or lymph, I'm not sure) comes out and if I mess around too much, it bleeds a little. I personally think it might just be irritation from pressure. I need a 15 mm (9/16") barbell for that back one, so that's going through a LOT of tissue. The hole itself isn't actually straight unless I stick my tongue waaaay out of my mouth and curled slightly upward, because that's how it was pierced. I can't get the barbell in unless I do all sorts of tongue-acrobatics. I figure that when my tongue is back in my mouth, the barbell forces the hole to stay straight, whereas if there wasn't anything in it, it would be all wiggly like intestines. I wondered about buying a flexible barbell made of PTFE or bioflex would be more comfortable and stop this form happening, but never really got around to it since it clears up after a couple days and doesn't return for a while.

    I wholly agree with redraven that you should see a pro to assess it, though!
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