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Thread: What tattoo gun/machine???

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    Default What tattoo gun/machine???

    Hi all,
    I am looking to get a tattoo gun and practice on pigs ears before hopefully trying to find an apprenticeship in the next few years. Can anyone please advise me on a GOOD machine to get and where to get it. Tattooing is something I have been thinking about doing for many years, it is not something I want to rush into or practice on anything other than inanimate skin that won't complain (at the moment) however I am a big one for believing in "buy the best you can"!
    Any advice greatly appreciated!

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    If you want to do an apprenticeship then dont buy anything as you wont know anything about what you are getting into and all the intracies of different machines. You wont even touch a tattoo machine for the first 6 months of an apprenticeship and if you go to places telling them you have been practicing at home you will simply get laughed out the door.

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    Exactly what he said ^^

    If you go into places saying that you won't even get the chance to finish your sentence.
    Love and be loved.

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