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    On Friday I got my conch pierced! I wanted my conch done for a while and was pretty amped for it. This being my first cartilage piercing, I was expecting the worst... luckily, it was, yet again, a painless piercing! I went to a place in NY, that had a pretty awesome reputation. I was greeted, and since they only had glass plugs in the gauge I wanted (8G), I decided to go with a 12G, instead, and got a pretty large white opal gem in it (Anatometal jewelry). I also REALLY wanted to be punched, but since I wasn't getting the 8G, she opted for a needle, which I begrudgingly accepted.

    The piercer was able to anodize the jewelry to gold, and then she got everything sterilized. Finally I was called into the back and I kept my cool. She lined everything up, and bam! It was done. Honestly, I felt nothing after the initial poke of the needle as she lined things up. I was questioning where the infamous "cartilage pain" was, but even as she pushed a taper in and pushed jewelry in, it honestly felt like nothing. There was a slight pinch here and there, but it was weak at best and I even started to daydream about what else I'd do in New York. Before I know it, she goes "all done!" and I get up, get all giddy, pay and tip her, and then we left (I was with my sister). We walked through a bunch of windy New York streets for a bit until we got home.

    Only part that I really felt was all that cold wind battering my face, but it went away once I either cupped my ear or went somewhere where it wasn't so windy. She said I didn't bleed and she gave me a loooong bar in case it swelled. Needless to say it hasn't, yet, and the bar is annoying because it touches the side of my neck. Other than that, and the odd pressure of touching it, it's been a really easy piercing. 2 days later, it is itching and that annoys me, but I was told just to leave it alone, as conch piercings apparently heal better with the LITHA method. I only wash it lightly in the shower and that seems to be doing the trick.

    This experience is for all those who are scared by other people's accounts of cartilage piercings. Yes, mine was done at 12G, so that probably counts for something, but I really doubt if I got it a 8G I'd be in tons more pain. I have an insane pain threshold, as everyone who I've gone to (dentists, doctors and piercers alike), always remark that I don't flinch or react or tense up, and can handle pain very well. If you're thinking of a conch piercing, go for it! It really did not hurt, still doesn't hurt and has been very well behaved. Since this is more of my experience, I won't update unless I have to.

    When the jewelry comes in, I'll be going for the Christina, so I'll definitely have more interesting things for you then! Cheers everyone.
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    Just a reminder however that everyone feels pain differently, your experience will not be the same as anyone else's. Having said that, the 'pain' involved in anything should never put you off going for something. The jewellery sounds lovely, are you gonna put up any pictures? Maybe get the other one punched?
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    I still dont get how people feel nothing haha. Unless you like zombie out I guess. Post a pic

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    yes post a pic please!

    although 12g is not huge i'm jealous because I wish I had gotton mine done at 12g or 10g cos I think the thicker jewellery looks so much nicer but I didn't know any better at the time and at around 5 months into healing I don't fancy having it re-done

    my 14g conch was a dream, sharp pain for a milisecond and only a bit of heat thereafter. for a good 2/3 months it was very well behaved, could sleep on it from the first day etc. but recently its playing up, swelling randomly, crusting and it doesn't like being laid on anymore but hey ho its still early days!
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    I'm glad you had a good experience. I got my conch pierced at 10g and it healed great.
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    I have some conch pins for sale in classifieds if you are planning on stretching it

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    I got my first one done at a 14 g (I think) and had a lot of problems with it :[ Now it's beautifully healed, but it took about 12 months.
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