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Thread: Scar tissue anyone?

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    Post Scar tissue anyone?

    Hey guys, just wondering if this is just me or not.

    Whenever my daith decides to act up and get sore, the scar tissue from my old forward helix swells quit a bit for a couple of days and gets pretty tender. I know it's around the same region but it's not like i have jewelry in that hole and i haven't for easily a year plus.

    So my question is, does anyone else's scar tissue get sore/swollen/act up when one of your other piercings do? Thanks guys
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    Yep, it's fairly normal. You can ease the discomfort by doing massages on the piercing site (where possible), to break down the scar tissue build up.
    I have pretty bad scar tissue on my upper ear from a gunned piercing I had done nearly four years ago, and retired well over 2 years ago. It gets sore especially when I sleep heavily or awkwardly on that side, but it doesn't seem unlikely having a weakened immune system could cause scar tissue to flare up also.
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    Not piercing related scarring, but when I'm run down my eyebrow scars tend to flare up and become really sore and hard. It's well annoying.
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