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Thread: is my belly button piercing rejecting

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    Unhappy is my belly button piercing rejecting

    Hi ive had my belly bar for 5 years now and had no problem until today I noticed it was getting really red so I changed it to the bar I got it pierced with a cleaned it while does so I noticed the stop hole looks like a little tear but I haven't knocked it or anything and its not particularly painful heard belly button piercing can end up rejecting after a few years is that what could be happening so I cant get a picture

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    I've had mine done for 10 years (wow I sound old now) it was pierced with a 12mm bar but over time it's now down to a 6mm :/ Not really sure on why although I've been through 2 pregnancys so a lot of stretching.

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    I'm exactly the same Amy, I was pierced around the same size bar as you over 10 years ago and now several years after having my daughter I now have to wear a 6mm and it's very thin tissue
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