I was so nervous about this piercing, more than any other, even after 30 piercings I still hate needles! I spent the week before looking up online as much as I could but struggled to find much on vertical labret piercings.

The place I usually go doesn't do vertical labret piercings, but there are a few other places in town where I and/or a friend had been pierced before, I went to the first store, and spoke to the receptionist, I asked what gauge jewellery she would be doing it with, she said she did it with a 1.2mm straight bar, I left straight away as I'd read online that it must be done with a curved barbell (lucky I had looked it up!) So I left and went to a shop where I'd never been pierced, but I'd gone with a friend to have her smiley pierced and they seemed to know what they were doing.

I arrived and was asked to fill in a form which was hard with how much I was shaking! I told him about the previous shop and he said I was right to say no and that he would be doing the piercing with a 1.2mm curved barbell.


He told me to sit down, he cleaned my lip and then marked out where the piercing would be, I checked and I was okay with it. He then told me to close my eyes (as I'd told him I wasn't a fan of needles!) he put the clamp on my lip, and then I felt a slight pinch, some pressure and then a sting as it came through the top of my lip, but it really wasn't as bad as I'd thought. 5/10 for pain. My nose was worse! He then put in the jewellery which was a little uncomfortable but the pain stopped almost straight away.


My lip felt a bit funny for a while, my lips felt very dry which was horrible as I couldn't lick them! But once I'd got home I cleaned off the dry blood with a sea salt soak and it was a lot more comfortable. I've found I have to carry around straws and lip balm, as drinking can be a pain, though I can already use mugs and cups after 2 days, but a straw is easier. Eating wise, I've just had to cut up my food and put it to the side of my mouth, it was a little hard for the first day but it's fine now. Brushing your teeth also takes some adjustment but again after a few days its fine. I admit - I did kiss the day after I had it done, and that was fine, although I did have to be a little careful. But after a few weeks I should think all those things will be easy, ill have to let you know Its now sunday, I had it done on friday, my lip feels slightly swollen but doesn't look it, and it's not painful at alll. Infact I was suprised how much I could move around my lip without pain. Although if I laugh for too long it gets a bit sore!

Heres some pics

Ill write again in a few weeks when I have a smaller bar and it's completely healed.