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    Red face Nipple piercing jewellery

    So I got my nipples pierced about 2 months ago and they're healing well and all that. The bars at the moment are long to accommodate swelling (of which there is none now). The thing is, when my nipples are erect, the jewellery is obviously a lot longer than when they're not, but every time I've seen pierced nipples, the jewellery (barbell) has fitted snuggly against each side of the nipple when erect. Wouldn't that put stress on the piercing when the nipples aren't erect? (I don't think I've ever said "erect" so many times in one paragraph).

    In short, should I buy jewellery that fits when my nipples are erect or when they're not?


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    I wear barbells that fit when my nipples aren't erect, though they're actually now the same size when they're erect as when they're not because they grew after being pierced, and I had to swap the bars for longer ones. I would wait longer before changing the bars as you may find this is the case for you (it's extremely common for nipples to grow in response to being pierced). I tried wearing my shorter bars again before, just to see if they'd fit/look nicer and my nipples were sore when squeezed into them. :(
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    i like bars

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    When I had my nipple pierced I wore a 14mm bar. That was a perfect fit when erect, but squished when not. So I upsized to a 16mm, which was too long when erect but perfect when not; I found it more comfortable. =)
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