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Thread: Septum fix?

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    Default Septum fix?

    I was on a little bit ago asking for help healing my septum and thanks so much to those who responsed! It's doing SO much better now.

    However when I brought it down to check it after it wasn't sore anymore I noticed it's just sliiiightly crooked. As if the hole is tilted up a little more to one side so it sticks out more the left. I'm kinda OCD about this stuff so it's bugging me. Some people say it will fix itself but I don't see how. Some people say gauging it to 14 would help but in my mind that would just make it worse. Is there something I can do? Any help is much appreciated.

    Note: Piercing is two weeks old now.

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    It's very difficult to get a septum piercing perfectly straight as nobody is symmetrical. Mine is almost 15 months and still pretty crooked but I have a very deviated septum. Even though it looks horribly crooked to me, no one has ever commented so I can only assume it's not very noticeable to anyone else. From the front it looks fine, not many people have looked right up my nose!

    As yours is only 2 weeks old, it may still straighten out in time. Septums can take a few months to heal properly and it could settle into a more comfortable position. If it bothers you, you could always remove and get it re-pierced but there's no guarantee it will be perfect.
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    I had heard the same, that it is hard to get it perfectly straight. Both my friend and I had them done together and his is slightly crooked in the same fashion. But the guy did it so fast and rushed us along I was worried something like this would happen. I really would hate to remove it and have to do it again, if I knew for certain it would be straighter I would, but I don't think this is all that bad. I'll have to see it once it is healed and has a ring in it.

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    Hey there! Maybe I'm a bit late(?). I had mine done yesterday and it is slightly crooked.. Due to strict school I will be forced to keep it flipped up until it heals. Will that make it more crooked or it won't matter? By the way sea salt is a good way to clean it right?

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